Look of the Week

FLY serves as a fashion boutique providing high quality products of vintage, consignment, and emerging designers. FLY is also a learning lab for students of Florence University of the Arts where students are given the opportunity to design products as well as run and manage the space.

This week’s “Look of the Week” features fall, maroon, lace-up boots designed by Marc Jacobs. The Italian Cashmere, navy blue 90’s inspired mini dress provides a fun and flirty vibe, perfect for anyone looking to stand out of the norm in a flapper-styled way. Paired with a white, long-sleeved cactus button-up, the dress can either be layered up or worn by itself...the options are limitless! The brown belt is a student-made product that can tie any outfit together by adding the perfect ‘pop’ to your wardrobe. With the shoulder pads and suede material, the brown jacket shown made by Tecnstil, adds a vintage twist to the overall look.

FLY hosts fashion events once a month to promote new emerging designers as well as current and local trends. Be sure to stop by their “Denim Affair” event on Tuesday, November 13th at 6pm located on Borgo Pinti where you will have the opportunity to explore FLY’s gallery of vintage and emerging designers’ denim outfits, attend “The Makers Lab’, and attend “Rewind” denim reinvention sessions. Hope to see you there!

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