Look of the Week

This week Fly Fashion features a spring look embracing shape, layers, and a nod towards the impending summer months of sunhats and pops of color.

The Ivory Jumpsuit underneath our look of the week was created by FUA student Sarah Holliday and provided a perfect base layer for our stylists to accessorize and build off of.

The small leather clutch with a tie button being used is also a student piece created by our very own Kristine Henrich. This clutch created a perfect avenue to emphasize the bright pink sunhat.

And now for our favorite part...the HAT! This wonderful sunhat, ANOTHER student piece, was made by Kelley Fallon. Not only is the bright pink color to die for, but the tie around the top is made of Emilio Pucci fabric.

This black belt by student Fernanda Navarro and show-stopping vintage blazer by Eleonora Amedei pulls the whole look together with multi-colored stripes and a flattering, feminine shape.

Finally, the Miu Miu point toed shoes with a kitten heel (yes, those are coming back in style!) added an elegant yet casual flare to finish off this look. 

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