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Emerging Designers: Sponsoring emerging designers is part of our multicultural mission here at FLY. We showcase various emerging designers throughout the year. Being that Florence is a fashion capital known for it's high quality manufacturing and textiles, we are always on the look out for up and coming, local talent. This season we are showcasing pieces from Marakita.


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When passion for handicraft and accessories meets fashion.
Marakita is all of this. Born in 2009 by Florentine designer Benedetta Maracchi, the brand essence is to give life to unique items. Items that recall the most classical and vintage styles redefined for the modern age, with cosmopolitan and varied inspirations. But the realest feature of Marakita is the close relationship between shape and colour, where these two souls confront each other peculiarly and ironically, in the spirit of originality.
The brand is dedicated to all accessory lovers, those who enjoy playing with their outfits without restrictions and obligations. An emancipated fashion, free from worry to be original and versatile.
Combining innovation and tradition, the products are created with hand-woven materials typical of the Tuscan textile tradition, vintage fabrics and unique patterns exclusively for Marakita by different designers. Thus, entirely ‘Made in Italy’ and eco-friendly bags are born.
Our creations rely exclusively on the competence of talented craftsmen and, thanks to ecological material, are environmentally sustainable
Website: Marakita.com
Facebook: @MarakitaShop
Instagram: @marakitafirenze

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